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Are You Doing Enough To Protect Your Teeth?

Are you naturally at a higher risk of developing dental caries (cavities) or gum disease? Do you brush too hard, smoke or have sensitive teeth? After brushing have you noticed a pink color in the sink? Dental health may be one of the last things on your mind, especially if you think you have a strong smile. So can you blame yourself if your next dental checkup reveals a small cavity (or something more)?

You’ve Grown Up–And So Have Your Teeth!

The same advice we got from the tooth fairy may not be enough to keep teeth healthy later in life. What we miss when we’ve had the same set of teeth for 5, 10 or 50 years and the same dental hygiene habits is realizing that dental health is changing health!

Over time, we grow accustomed to having our teeth as much as any other body part, so it can be a shock down the road if one goes missing. Because it’s just no fun meeting the tooth fairy in older age, we have a few steps to encourage your dental health year-round.


Pay Attention To New Dental Habits!

That glass of wine after dinner may not look like a challenge for your toothbrush, but remember that alcohol consumption and tobacco use can increase certain risks for dental health related issues such as tooth decay, periodontal disease and oral cancer. Regular soda drinkers and those who satisfy the proverbial sweet tooth may also find themselves with more than a sensitive tooth without proper dental care.

Enjoy life the way you want to! Just remember that reducing your consumption of alcohol, tobacco products and even sugary foods and snacks can dramatically improve your oral health. The sooner you brush, floss and even rinse your teeth after eating or drinking, the sooner you can clean your smile of harmful acids and debris. As always, a regular checkup to your dentist can give you the insight you need to best take care of your smile.

Getting Older? Maintain A Youthful Smile

Have you suddenly discovered a cavity after not having had one in years? Over time, your pearly whites undergo so many changes that it can be a challenge to keep up! Be sure to schedule a visit to the dentist if you have noticed a change in your dental health.

  1. Taking Medications? Dry mouth after taking medication prevents saliva from washing away bacteria around the teeth. Discolorations, teeth staining and a breakdown in calcium can also take place, so be sure to check in with your dentist regularly.
  2. Reduce Wear And Tear. Teeth are strong, but they’re not invincible. After years of biting, chewing and grinding your teeth, they may be worn or dull. Especially if you have a broken or chipped tooth, you may benefit from restorative or cosmetic dentistry, including dental fillings, crowns and veneers.
  3. Be Kind To Your Gums! Your gums have supported your smile since before baby teeth! Because plaque and bacteria are constantly in the mouth, it’s important to continue brushing and flossing regularly with a fluoridated toothpaste. If you notice any swelling, loose teeth or an abscess on the gums, don’t hesitate to call your local dentist.

Advice From The Tooth Fairy

Everyone remembers impatiently waiting for a baby tooth to come out or plotting with the family to pull a loose tooth early. After baby teeth have gone and adult teeth come in, the average person is prepared to wear the same smile for the rest of their lifetime! At Riar Dental in Bakersfield, we encourage our community to practice good dental hygiene and preventive dentistry. Come in for a checkup or give us a call to learn more about improving your dental health.

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