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Comfortable Dentistry

Comfortable Dentistry

Comfortable Dentistry

VIP Comforts at Every Visit

When is the last time you’ve had the chance to wind back and feel truly pampered? At Brett Blacher DDS, we want to help you find the level of spa treatment relaxation you’ll never find at another dentist. Even when regular contemporary dentists are uncomfortably cold and can make you feel anxious about going to your appointment, our VIP styled services offer warm blankets, soft pillows, and noise reduction headphones to let you drift off to your happy place while we guide you through your gentle treatment. Find your zen easily as you recline to watch one of our flat screen cable TVs play your favorite reality TV show, or select your favorite trendy pop song to listen to on repeat. We won’t judge how you discover your inner peace, we’re just happy that you feel so relaxed here with us.

Sedation Dentistry: Breathe Your Way to Calm

Your appointment at the dentist is about you reaching your best level of dental health, without having to feel stressed or anxious about your appointment. For those of us who could benefit from a prescription to help ease into relaxation, our calming sedative medication through sedation dentistry uses a small, safe pill to allow you to comfortably drift in and out of sleep from start to finish of your visit. As our warm, cozy blankets and pillows wrap snuggly around you to coax your body into a gentle state of rest, you can feel confident knowing that by the time you wake up your treatment will be done and you will be able to enjoy painless results with a healthier, better feeling look and smile.

Needle Free

Pain Free

Our practice believes in using needle-free and painless treatment methods such as sedation dentistry and air abrasion for gentle deep cleanings and treatments. If you’re looking for comfort you can trust, we’re here to help you feel confident about your dental care options.

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Before Sedation Dentistry

Our practice always puts the safety and health of each patient before anything else that we do. Our oral sedation therapy provides patients who may struggle with dental anxiety, sensitivity, or fear of needles with an easy and painless way to relax while they get the treatment their health desires. Much less invasive than IV sedation, this sedation technique is pain free and simply involves taking one pill an hour before bedtime, and one additional pill an hour prior to your visit. If you want to join the thousands of patients who use sedation dentistry to help them ease into their dental appointments, contact our Lombard dental team at (630) 916-0701 to schedule an appointment.

Before Sedation Dentistry
Ultracare Gel: Needle Free Anesthesia

Ultracare Gel: Needle Free Anesthesia

The new UltraCare gel is the needle-free, pain-free anesthesia you’ll fall in love with when you can get the treatments you need without any pain, and without any scary needles! For years, dentists have been pining away to find a needle-free solution for patients who fear going to the dentist. Finally, our UltraCare Gel technology can get you the care you need and let you feel back to normal by the time you leave the office. There’s no more worrying about a thick lip, slurred speech, or biting your tongue when eating when you can leave the dental office enjoying your improved smile feeling back to normal and ready to move on with your life!

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“We provide the most conservative treatments possible to fix your dental problem and provide the best long term solution for your dental health and smile.”

At Brett Blacher DDS, dentistry isn’t just about repairing teeth--it’s about improving the long term health of every patient through care that is personal to each client. We talk to each patient as a person first, understanding their specific needs and helping them achieve a level of health they never thought was possible before, so they can enjoy their smiles for years to come with a dentist they can trust.

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