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Are Veneers Permanent?

Picture this: You have a chipped tooth and are looking for a restorative solution. While doing a bit of research, you learn about veneers. These thin porcelain or composite resin shells can be bonded to the surface of your teeth to correct and improve their appearance.  But one question that many people have about veneers

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Why Preventative Dental Care is Important

When it comes to dental health, many people tend to wait until they experience pain or discomfort before seeking treatment. However, waiting until there’s a problem may result in the need for more invasive and expensive procedures. Preventative dental care, on the other hand, involves taking measures to keep your teeth and gums healthy and

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When Is Crown Lengthening Necessary?

If you’ve been told recently by a dentist in Lombard that you need a crown lengthening procedure, you likely have a lot of questions about it. Crown lengthening is a type of oral surgery used to reshape gums and expose more of the natural tooth. This dental procedure can be recommended for many different reasons,

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