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TMJ – Jaw Pain Relief in Lombard

About TMJ and Jaw Pain

TMJ Treatments in Lombard

Finding Relief from Jaw Pain and TMJ

That chronic jaw pain you feel that just doesn’t seem to go away could be indicative of a problem with your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. When your jaw or bite has lost its proper alignment, the results are often painful and can include a constant aching feeling or pain when eating, yawning or even smiling. At Brett Blacher DDS in Lombard, Illinois, our high quality TMJ services can help you find quick and effective pain relief, so you can enjoy life again free of pain.

TMJ Disorder Symptoms

Temporomandibular jaw disorder, or TMD, affects over 40 million Americans a year and can interfere with the way you would usually bite, chew, and even smile. If your jaw locks, strays to one side or causes you pain, make an appointment with Dr. Blacher to form a detailed medical and dental assessment and examine problem areas contributing to your pain. Before your first appointment with Dr. Brett Blacher, ask yourself if any of the following TMJ/TMD symptoms are affecting you:

  • Clicking, popping, or grating sounds when opening or closing the mouth
  • Muscle spasms or facial stiffness
  • Pain that radiates in and around the ear, cheek, and temple areas
  • Difficulty or pain when opening the mouth
  • Headaches, migraines, or neck aches
  • Tenderness in the jaw or sensitive teeth with no other dental cause
  • Change in your bite, or the way your teeth rest together

What Causes TMJ Pain?

Symptoms You Might Feel

Symptoms of TMD can begin painlessly but often grows into a chronic pain that worsens if left untreated. Some causes of TMD are as follows: grinding or clenching teeth while asleep, jaw injury resulting from an accident or surgery, arthritis and inflammation in the jaw, and teeth that have become misaligned.

Help With Your Lombard Dentist

You can minimize the symptoms of jaw pain and TMJ at home by refraining from chewing gum or massaging the jaw muscles for temporary relief. But when chronic pain or discomfort becomes too much, schedule an appointment with Dr. Blacher to find relief from pain and restore your healthy bite and smile.

At your appointment with Dr. Blacher we’ll conduct a gentle and comprehensive exam of your current dental health situation and medical history to design a personalized treatment plan with your comfort and health in mind.

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Our Modern Services

Whether your TMJ pain is a result of an accident or poor alignment, Dr. Blacher can help you find a treatment plan that works best for you. Our custom made non-invasive mouthguards can help soothe your teeth grinding or clenching at night and our orthodontic treatment can gently encourage the repositioning of your teeth into a more comfortable position. To find an effective way to alleviate jaw pain, consult Dr. Brett Blacher DDS for quality treatment from a dentist you can trust.

Using the gentle and conservative treatments practiced only by a reliable and experienced dentistry, our dental team in Lombard can help you smile effortlessly again.

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What Causes TMJ?

There are many potential causes for TMJ but there is no known official cause of the disorder. One thing all TMJ cases have in common is that there is dysfunction in the jaw’s joints or muscles. Some conditions that increase your risk of developing TMJ include bruxism, injury to the jaw, arthritis, having a misaligned bite, and stress. These issues can cause injury to the jaw which can lead to straining, lack of mobility, and pain.


Common At-Home Treatments For TMJ

While some people with severe cases of TMJ may need surgical intervention, this is the last resort and would only be explored after exhausting all other options. Most people will see at least minor improvement and relief from engaging in these at-home TMJ remedies.

Cold Pack or Heat – To reduce pain and swelling in the jaw, apply a cold pack to the areas of the jaw and temple for about 10 minutes. This works best when coupled with some jaw stretches. Then, apply a heat pack or a warm towel to these areas for about 5 minutes. 

Soft Food Diet – If you’re suffering from TMJ pain, you’ll want to avoid chewing excessively hard or chewy foods which require a lot of jaw movements. By sticking to soft foods and liquids, you give your jaw some much-needed rest and avoid straining. You should avoid chewing too much, so do not chew gum. Examples of good soft foods include mashed potatoes, applesauce, soup, and pudding.

NSAIDs – Anti-inflammatory pain medication such as ibuprofen will relieve jaw pain, swelling, and headaches.

Relaxation Techniques – People with TMJ often grind their teeth or clench their jaws. This is often caused by stress or anxiety. To promote relaxation and reduce stress, try taking up an activity that puts you at ease, such as meditation, yoga, or taking a bath. Try your best to regulate your stress.

Jaw Stretches – There are many beneficial jaw stretches and exercises that you can perform from anywhere in the world. These will help you gain mobility in your jaw and reduce tension. It can also help to massage the muscles in your jaw. Your dentist will show you how to perform these stretches.

Rest – Most importantly, try to give your jaw a rest by limiting excessive and extreme movements. Yelling, yawning, excessive chewing, clenching, and grinding are all movements that will aggravate your TMJ. Try your best to limit these movements and not overwork your jaw.

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Can TMJ Make Migraines Worse?

Unfortunately, yes. Migraines and TMJ are very closely related. Because your temporomandibular joint connects your jaw to your skull, problems with this hinge can cause migraines. 

This is usually caused by jaw clenching or grinding, which causes pain to radiate throughout the face and head, where some of the TMJ muscles are located. Migraines can be relieved with the use of anti-inflammatory pain medication and massage. 

Many also find it helpful to sit in a dark room and remove themselves from aggravating stimuli. If you do not have any of the other symptoms of TMJ, then it’s most likely not the cause of your migraines. 

If you have multiple symptoms alongside your migraines, however, you should visit the dentist for a diagnosis. Wearing a mouthguard or fixing an improper bite may put an end to your suffering.

Using the gentle and conservative treatments practiced only by a reliable and experienced dentistry, our dental team in Lombard can help you smile effortlessly again.

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If you believe you have TMJ, contact us at Brett Blacher DDS today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Blacher. Our Lombard dental team can perform an exam and assess your symptoms and work on a treatment plan to relieve your pain and increase your jaw’s mobility.


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