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Teeth Whitening in Lombard!

Teeth Whitening for Radiant Smiles

If you’re a double espresso fiend or have a wedding coming up, finding a way to easily whiten your smile has likely crossed your mind! For all of us who want to experience professional level teeth whitening in Lombard, our office at Brett Blacher DDS is your one stop shop to a brighter, whiter, more radiant you! Call us at 630-916-0701 to ask about how our life changing whitening services can help you uncover your inner confidence and embrace life with a whole new sense of self esteem. Just don’t come running to us when your friends say they think you’re acting too much like a movie star!

Enhance Your Smile

Teeth whitening with us is painless, safe and doesn’t require a local anesthetic. We use two of the most well renowned whitening systems to deliver high quality, proven results that can lift the shade of your teeth to unparalleled levels. Our Pola Whitening System can whiten up to 8 shades from your previous tooth color, while our KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching is the most effective whitening system in the world today. When you need to revive your smile with lasting results, consider tooth whitening in the comfort of your home or in office with us at Brett Blacher DDS in Lombard.

The Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening

Choosing professional, in-office teeth whitening has a number of great benefits. First, in-office teeth whitening from a dentist is the fastest way to restore your smile. Depending on your level of staining and personal preferences, you may be able to whiten your teeth by up to 5-10 shades in just one appointment.

In-office teeth whitening is fine-tuned based on your smile to deliver predictable results, and ensures minimum risk of side effects like tooth or gum sensitivity. In addition, because you can usually be treated in just one appointment, you can restore your smile and self-confidence quickly. 

Compared to both take-home kits and DIY treatments, in-office teeth whitening is superior when it comes to the speed of treatment.

In-Office Whitening vs. Over-The-Counter Products

So, why choose professional, in-office whitening instead of over-the-counter (OTC) products? There are a few reasons that over-the-counter products are not a good alternative to professional teeth whitening.

First, there’s safety. FDA-approved whitening products such as certain whitening strips, have a relatively low amount of peroxide (whitener). This is because whitening agents can be dangerous to your gums and teeth in high doses.

If you use a product that is not FDA-approved and you whiten your own teeth, you could over-whiten them and cause damage to your smile and serious side effects like gum sensitivity or irritation. These are all common issues with OTC whitening.

In addition, there are some OTC whitening products that simply do not work and will permanently damage your teeth. Charcoal toothpaste, for example, does not whiten your teeth. It may seem like it does, but that’s because the harsh abrasive is actually wearing away your enamel permanently. This does remove some stains, but it also irreversibly damages your teeth.

Long-term cost-effectiveness is another consideration. Yes, in-office whitening is more expensive than an OTC treatment. But your results can easily last for years with proper care and regular touch-ups. In contrast, your results will not last as long with OTC products like whitening strips and other at-home whitening kits. In the long run, you could end up spending more money on OTC products than you would at the dentist’s office!

Finally, time efficiency is a big factor. An in-office whitening treatment will last you years, with just a single appointment. If you use OTC products, you’ll have to treat yourself at home for weeks or months to get similar results. It is much more efficient to simply come in to our Lombard dental office for a single appointment to refresh your smile instead of spending hours trying to whiten your teeth on your own.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Conservative Treatment Means Quality Care

Side effects as a result of in-office whitening are rare. Dr. Blacher uses the latest techniques and whitening products from KöR® and Pola Whitening. The only common side effect of in-office whitening is sensitivity of the gums and teeth. This usually persists for only a few days, and can be addressed by using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Teeth whitening with drugstore products can leave you with lackluster, uneven results and sensitive teeth. At Brett Blacher DDS, we administer teeth whitening services carefully to reduce the chances of tooth sensitivity or tooth dehydration after treatment. Click down below to learn more about our approach to conservative care philosophy.

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Pola Whitening System

You don’t have to sacrifice your time every day to use drugstore whitening products that fail to deliver amazing results. Sometimes, even when use the most expensive drugstore whitening products, the results are minimal and fade quickly away. However, when patients come to us to use the Pola Whitening System, we are able to lighten teeth up to eight shades whiter than their original color in just three hours or less! You can also prefer to see the benefits of professional whitening through Pola Whitening by whitening at home with our custom take home whitening trays.

Pola Whitening System
KOR Whitening

Kor Whitening System

For the extra stubborn teeth that just don’t seem to whiten no matter what products you’ve used, we want you to try our KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching and throw out all the ineffective whitening kits that have left you feeling frustrated! This whitening system is known as the most effective whitening process in the world and is the only system to be recognized for significantly whitening even difficult tetracycline stained teeth in a short period of time.

If you find yourself wondering about how achieving a whiter smile can bring out the best in your confidence, give us a call to make an appointment in Lombard at 630-916-0701.

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