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Pediatric Dentistry

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How Important is Your Child’s First Baby Tooth?

As parents we do everything we can to help our kids grow big and strong, but we might not think twice about a lost baby tooth! Although baby teeth are eventually replaced by adult teeth, keeping them healthy throughout the fundamental years of your child’s dental health is key to building a good foundation of healthy, carefree smiles throughout their lives. If your child has recently discovered their first baby tooth, it’s time for them to meet their kid-friendly dentist in Lombard and experience positive memories for all of their future dental appointments.

Healthy Teeth From The First Tooth

When your children’s dental health is affected, their immune systems are, too. At Brett Blacher DDS we help your child’s teeth stay clean and protected so they can continue enjoying their school days, playdates and slumber parties in their best health! Our supportive team environment uses fun and engaging treatments at their six month cleanings to teach healthy preventive tips at home and reduce the need for larger (or more expensive) reparative treatments in the future. When you schedule your six month appointment for your child’s visit with Dr. Brett Blacher, you are setting them up for positive experiences at the dentist and better oral health success. Give us a call at 630-916-0701 to schedule an appointment!

What is Dental Decay

Teeth Age as Fast as They Do

 Frequent snacking on sugary foods and drinks come naturally to children, but so do the heightened risks of forming dental decay. To help protect your child’s giggly smile we recommend coming in every six months for a dental cleaning. .

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Homework for Parents

Families who brush together, floss together! When your child mirrors your healthy dental hygiene habits at home, they’ll feel more excited to practice great dental hygiene on their own. Plenty of options of flavored mouthwashes, toothpastes, and colorful toothbrushes now exist. Brushing your teeth is much more fun when your toothpaste tastes great and your toothbrush has a fun design on the front! Have you created your own toothbrush song and dance yet? Brushing and flossing can become an interactive game when the whole family participates!

Pediatric Dentistry
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Good Job Kids!

Rewarding your child for their great dental hygiene will give them a sense of accomplishment and confidence about their smiles and dental health. When brushing and flossing together makes it fun for your child to enjoy brushing their, they’ll want to share their inspiring pearly whites with everyone they meet! Of course, as a kid’s dentist in Lombard our team in Lombard is nearby to keep your children’s smiles healthy and strong with regular six month appointments. Give us a call at 630-916-0701 to schedule your appointment!

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“We provide the most conservative treatments possible to fix your dental problem and provide the best long term solution for your dental health and smile.”

At Brett Blacher DDS, dentistry isn’t just about repairing teeth--it’s about improving the long term health of every patient through care that is personal to each client. We talk to each patient as a person first, understanding their specific needs and helping them achieve a level of health they never thought was possible before, so they can enjoy their smiles for years to come with a dentist they can trust.

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From easing toothaches while they’re small, to giving you a call to check in after your smile makeover, your health is in good hands when you make an appointment at Brett Blacher DDS by calling 630-916-0701.