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Emergency Dentist in Lombard

Dental Emergencies

About Dental Emergencies

Accidents Happen and We Can Help

Dental emergencies occur when we least expect them, but when jaw pain or a dental injury occurs it’s important to find quick pain relief and comfortable restorative treatments. If you have encountered a broken, fractured or knocked-out tooth, our staff is available to find the best treatment method for your needs. Whether you require a new dental crown after root canal therapy or require prompt treatment to place a lost tooth, we use the best materials and methods to ensure your care and comfort. If you are in dental pain, give us a call at 630-916-0701 to come in for professional care in Lombard for your dental emergency!


If you’re having a dental emergency these are the steps you need to follow:

For a knocked-out tooth or more than one knocked-out teeth, attempt to clean your mouth and the affected tooth with warm water, holding the tooth by its dental crown. If it is not possible to place the tooth back into the mouth, keep it moist in cold milk or saliva and visit to the emergency dentist for a same day appointment. If you have a cracked or broken tooth, gently rinse the mouth with warm water and call us right away. For toothaches or chronic tooth pain, rinse with warm water and carefully floss to remove any remaining food particles. Place a cold ice pack to your cheek to reduce swelling.

Patient Resources

Knowing What To Expect Before, During and After Treatment

We believe that providing excellent care extends beyond the dental office. Our patient resources and easy-to-understand new patient forms provide our Lombard community that extra touch of care and comfort.

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Preventive Steps During a Dental Emergency

If a dental emergency has resulted in a damaged tooth or toothache, keep your mouth clean and away from acidic drinks or foods to prevent further damage. If a tooth has fallen out, do not touch the exposed root of the tooth or remove any remaining gum tissue. In any situation of a dental emergency or dental pain, give us a call at 630-916-0701 to schedule treatment. It could save your tooth!

Placing Dental Implants
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The Best Lombard Dentist

Our team at Brett Blacher DDS in Lombard strives to offer the best in modern dentistry with a compassionate touch. When you come in for a toothache or other dental-related issue, we work diligently to quickly eliminate any pain and restore your dental health using conservative restorative treatments. Our patients receive the necessary care they need with a staff that values their health and comfort.

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“We provide the most conservative treatments possible to fix your dental problem and provide the best long term solution for your dental health and smile.”

At Brett Blacher DDS, dentistry isn’t just about repairing teeth--it’s about improving the long term health of every patient through care that is personal to each client. We talk to each patient as a person first, understanding their specific needs and helping them achieve a level of health they never thought was possible before, so they can enjoy their smiles for years to come with a dentist they can trust.

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