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Lombard Invisalign and Orthodontics

Orthodontics with Brett Blacher, DDS

Orthodontics with Brett Blacher, DDS

What is Invisalign and Orthodontics to Lombard IL

Have you ever wondered what your dream smile could look like in real life? Fixing the small gaps or crooked areas in your smile can make a huge impact on your confidence and self-esteem. Invisalign is an advanced service in cosmetic dentistry that makes it easy to straighten your teeth without the use of bands, brackets or wires. Check out some of our before and afters from patients around Lombard.

Invisalign and Orthodontics Permanently Improve Your Smile

Invisalign is a virtually invisible solution to adjust your smile and improve your bite, without letting any of your coworkers or friends know! Because they come in the form of clear, removable aligners they are easily placed into the mouth and can be removed for simple eating or cleaning. Invisalign custom aligners are a popular option for teens and adults to straighten their teeth in a fraction of the time of traditional metal braces. If you have been considering orthodontic care to straighten your teeth or align your smile, make an appointment or give us a call to schedule a consultation. 

Considering Cosmetic Dentistry?

Feel Confident with your Dream Smile

We have multiple ways to correct your smile to it’s idea look, feel and function. One popular form of cosmetic dentistry includes our dental veneers, which can offer life-changing results almost instantly. Click below to find out more!

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Our Invisalign Process

At your first appointment with Dr. Blacher the Invisalign process is simple. Our Lombard orthodontic specialist Dr. Blacher will make a careful examination of your current oral health condition and discuss your available treatment options. After forming an impression of the teeth your dental mold will be sent to a lab, where your custom aligner trays will be made and ready to use at your second appointment.

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After Your Appointment

After Your Appointment

After your visit to the dentist for Invisalign trays, Dr. Blacher will monitor the progression of your teeth and smile with routine appointments. Your teeth may feel some discomfort at the beginning of using each new aligner tray (after approximately every 3-4 weeks) but will adjust smoothly within a day or two. In as little as a few months or just over a year, your perfect smile can be achieved with little change to your current lifestyle.

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“We provide the most conservative treatments possible to fix your dental problem and provide the best long term solution for your dental health and smile.”

At Brett Blacher DDS, dentistry isn’t just about repairing teeth--it’s about improving the long term health of every patient through care that is personal to each client. We talk to each patient as a person first, understanding their specific needs and helping them achieve a level of health they never thought was possible before, so they can enjoy their smiles for years to come with a dentist they can trust.

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From easing toothaches while they’re small, to giving you a call to check in after your smile makeover, your health is in good hands when you make an appointment at Brett Blacher DDS by calling 630-916-0701.