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How Often Do I Really Need To See The Dentist? Find Out!

Wondering if you really need to come and see Dr. Brett Blacher every six months for a teeth cleaning and oral exam? Do you really need to see the dentist that frequently? Are there any situations where you may need more frequent appointments? Find out now in this blog.

Most Patients Should See Dr. Blacher For Preventive Care Every Six Months

For decades, the ADA and other dentistry institutions have recommended that patients see a dentist like Dr. Brett Blacher for preventive care every six months, and that recommendation is what we abide by at our office. We typically recommend that you come and see us twice a year!

Why? Because seeing Dr. Blacher for preventive care every six months has some great benefits. Here are just a few of them.

  • Enjoy a cleaner smile – Our dental team will scale away plaque and buff your teeth during your appointment, ensuring your smile looks bright and removing debris that you can’t remove with at-home brushing alone.
  • Catch oral health issues early – The biggest benefit of routine dental care is that Dr. Blacher can identify signs of issues like tooth decay and gingivitis early, and take care of the issue right away. This keeps your smile healthy.
  • Save time & money – Because you may be able to avoid cavities and other oral health issues, you’ll save time and money by avoiding treatments like fillings, root canals, crowns, and periodontal care.
  • Get peace of mind – After your consultation, you’ll know that your smile is healthy and strong, and you can enjoy peace of mind without worrying about the state of your oral health.

Some Patients Can Benefit From Different Treatment Schedules

If you have excellent oral health and Dr. Blacher approves, you may be able to see the team at the office of Dr. Brett Blacher, DDS for a consultation once per year.

However, note that most dental plans cover two oral exams and teeth cleanings per year at no cost. If you have a dental plan, there’s no reason to not see Dr. Blacher every six months, even if you’re unlikely to have serious oral health issues.

Some patients may also need more frequent treatment. If you have gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease), for example, you may need to see Dr. Blacher every 3 months for a periodontal cleaning and maintenance appointment. This halts and reverses the progression of gum disease.

Dr. Blacher will always provide you with expert guidance at our office, so if you’re wondering whether you should see us more often (or less often), just talk to Dr. Blacher during your consultation to learn more about what he recommends for your case.

Need Preventive Care In Lombard? Contact Us Today

At the office of Dr. Brett Blacher, you can get expert preventive care in Lombard, protect your smile, and get peace of mind. If you’re overdue for an appointment, just contact us online or give us a call at (630) 916-0701. We’re always accepting new patients.

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