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Are Root Canals Painful?

Fear of the dentist is very common among Americans. So much so that a lot of them postpone going to the dentist to get the necessary treatment. However, not getting dental work done can lead to various oral health issues that can be even more painful and costly.  

One of the common misconceptions is that root canals are painful, and a lot of people get anxious about them. 

But, is it true? 

Let’s find out! 

are root canals painful?

What Is a Root Canal?

If you have a tooth infection that reaches deep into the pulp, then a root canal will be needed to save your tooth. Your Lombard dentist will extract the infected pulp, then clean and disinfect the area.  

After it is cleaned entirely, the tooth is then filled and sealed. 

What to Expect During a Root Canal Procedure 

If the dentist recommends a root canal treatment, you do not need to worry. The procedure will be done under local anesthesia. 

The pulp underneath the tooth enamel is filled with blood vessels, tissues, and nerves that help the root of the tooth grow. When a tooth reaches its maturity, the pulp stops being needed as the tissues around the tooth will provide the support it needs. With that in mind, the infected pulp can be removed knowing your tooth can survive without it and also be saved from falling. 

Root canals are done in one or two dental appointments, and they are very effective. 

Is a Root Canal Painful?

As we said, root canals are done under local anesthesia. The patient will not feel pain during the procedure. 

What the patient can expect is a similar sensation as when they get a cavity filled. It’s normal to feel pressure and the dentist moving the instruments around during the procedure, but not pain. 

The relief of the pain suffered from the infection can be felt immediately after the pulp has been removed. Living with an infected tooth is not only extremely painful but can also lead to tooth loss 

The procedure is quick, safe, and pain-free. 

It is also normal to feel some sort of discomfort after the procedure. Rest assured that it will go away slowly, and the dentist can recommend over-the-counter medication if needed. 

If you suffer from tooth pain, schedule an appointment with your dentist and take care of your oral health. 

Suffering from Tooth Pain? Call Us Now! 

Whether you need a root canal, want to fix a cosmetic issue, or need preventive dentistry, at Brett Blacher DDS, you can find everything you want. We will take care of you and provide you with the best care you need. 

If you have any dental problems or questions, get in touch with us. We will book you an appointment with Dr. Blacher, and you can start the journey toward the best oral health. 

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