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Recognizing TMJ/TMD: The Most Common Signs And Symptoms

If you have been experiencing mysterious pain in your jaw, headaches with no identifiable cause, you may be suffering from TMJ/TMD. TMJ/TMD refers to a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint.

This is the joint which connects the jaw to the skull, and it is located right below the base of the ear. If this joint is damaged by an injury, overuse, arthritis, or inflammation, you may start to experience a number of uncomfortable symptoms.

TMJ dental treatment

How do you know if you have TMJ, or if you need TMJ/TMD treatment? Here are a few signs that you should come visit Dr. Blacher in Lombard for a professional examination:

1. Popping Or Clicking Sounds When Speaking Or Chewing

This is one of the most common signs of TMJ/TMD. If the temporomandibular joint is inflamed, damaged, or has been knocked out of place, it may not operate smoothly. This can result in “clicking” or “popping” sounds in your jaw. These sounds are particularly common when you open your mouth widely, such when you’re yawning or yelling.

2. Locking Of The Jaw, Difficulty Opening And Closing Mouth

In more extreme cases, TMJ/TMD may cause your jaw to “lock”, making it difficult to move. You may not be able to open your mouth widely, or you may have problems opening and closing your mouth.

This is one of the most common indicators that you have TMJ/TMD. And, even if TMJ/TMD is not the issue, you’ll want to come to the office of Dr. Blacher right away, to make sure you get help for this painful and inconvenient symptom.

3. Pain Or Tenderness In The Jaw

If you are experiencing prolonged pain and tenderness in your jaw, this could be a sign that your TMJ is not functioning properly. When the temporomandibular joint is malpositioned, this can cause the rest of your jaw and facial muscles to become strained, which results in pain and tenderness elsewhere in the jaw.

4. Aching Facial Pain, Especially Underneath The Ears

The pain from TMJ/TMD is not limited only to the jaw. You may experience pain that radiates from your jaw into the rest of your face. If this pain feels like it’s coming from underneath your ear, or becomes more pronounced when you open your jaw, you may need treatment for TMJ/TMD.

5. Headaches And Migraines

TMJ/TMD puts strain on your jaw and facial muscles, which can result in headaches and migraines. If you experience any kind of headache, and are also having several of the above noted issues, it’s likely that your temporomandibular joint is damaged, malpositioned, or inflamed.

Get Help For TMJ/TMD In Lombard From Dr. Brett Blacher!

TMJ/TMD can be caused by a variety of things, ranging from impact injuries to teeth grinding or arthritis. Until you see a professional like Dr. Blacher for an exam, you may not be able to get the relief you need from the pain and discomfort of TMJ/TMD. At our office, we offer solutions like custom mouthguards to prevent teeth grinding and relieve symptoms.

Contact our office for an appointment at (630) 916-0701 now, or stop by our office at 450 E 22nd St, #201, Lombard, IL 60148 to get relief from TMJ pain and discomfort.

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