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Are Veneers Permanent?

Picture this:

You have a chipped tooth and are looking for a restorative solution. While doing a bit of research, you learn about veneers. These thin porcelain or composite resin shells can be bonded to the surface of your teeth to correct and improve their appearance. 

But one question that many people have about veneers is whether they are permanent or not. 

Keep reading this short blog post to find out the answer. 

Veneers Are Not Reversible

One important thing to keep in mind before getting veneers is that they are not reversible. This means that once you have veneers placed on your teeth, you cannot remove them later on. That’s because your dentist will have to remove a small amount of enamel so that the veneer can adhere to the surface of the tooth. Enamel doesn’t grow back like other tissues in your body. Taking your veneers off means that you will leave the tooth exposed. 

Veneers Will Not Last Forever 

While the process of getting veneers permanently alters your teeth, veneers per se don’t last forever. 

Porcelain veneers are generally considered to be more durable than composite veneers and can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years or more with good care. Composite veneers may need to be replaced more frequently, usually every 5 to 7 years.

The lifespan of veneers can also be affected by a variety of factors, such as the type of veneer, how well you take care of your teeth, and whether or not you grind your teeth.

You Can Expand Their Lifespan 

Although veneers are not permanent, you can maximize their lifespan. All you have to do is take good care of your teeth. This means brushing and flossing regularly and avoiding hard or sticky foods that could damage the veneers. It’s also important to see your Lombard dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings so that any issues with your veneers can be detected and addressed early on.

Veneers and Teeth Grinding

One habit that could damage or dislodge your veneers is teeth grinding. If you know you grind your teeth, your dentist may recommend a different cosmetic dental treatment or suggest wearing a nightguard to protect your veneers while you sleep.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Veneers 

Over time, your veneers will wear down and need to be replaced. If you notice any chipping in your veneers, if they become loose or if they are stained, then you should talk to your dentist about replacing them. 

Depending on the reason for replacement, your dentist may need to remove more tooth enamel to make room for the new veneers.

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