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5 Common Dental Issues Caused By Missing Teeth

Patient with missing teeth

Losing a tooth can make it harder to speak clearly and eat your favorite foods, and also negatively affects your appearance. Not only that, but it also contributes to a lot of oral health issues. In this blog from the office of Dr. Brett Blacher, we’ll discuss the health risks of tooth loss. Read on, and see why you should replace your tooth with a dental implant in Lombard. 

  1. Teeth Shifting Toward The Empty Socket

One of the reasons that your teeth stay in place is that they are all exerting some force on each other. After losing a tooth, this is no longer the case. Usually, the teeth near the empty socket will start to shift toward it, since there’s nothing stopping them from moving toward the gap in your smile.

This can ruin the alignment of your smile and your bite, and raise your risk of oral infections and other oral health issues, since it may be harder to clean your teeth once they’re out of alignment.

  1. Higher Risk Of Gum Disease

After tooth loss, you have a higher risk of gum disease. Bacteria and food particles will tend to collect in the empty space in your mouth, and it can often be hard to clean, or you may forget to clean it properly while brushing your healthy teeth. In turn, this raises your risk of gum disease, which could damage the nearby teeth and cause further tooth loss. 

  1. Jaw Bone Resorption

After tooth loss, the bone below your jaw no longer is stimulated by biting and chewing. In response, it starts to weaken. It’s common to lose about 25% of jaw bone mass within a year of tooth loss.

This happens even if you get a partial denture or a dental bridge. An implant is the only way to treat this issue. Implants, just like real teeth, are placed directly into the jaw. They stimulate the bone as you chew and bite, and keep it strong. 

  1. Changes In How Your Teeth Fit Together

This is particularly common if you lose more than one tooth. As your teeth shift toward the empty sockets, this doesn’t just change the cosmetic alignment of your teeth, but how your bite fits together.

Changes in your bite could lead to a higher risk of premature tooth wear, bruxism (teeth grinding), and TMJ/TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), along with a variety of other oral health issues.

  1. Difficulties Biting And Chewing Food

Especially if you lose a few front or rear teeth, you may have trouble maintaining a healthy diet and eating things like fibrous fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet is important for a healthy mouth, so replacing your teeth is important if you want to maintain good oral health and overall health. 

Interested In Replacing Your Missing Teeth? Contact Dr. Brett Blacher Today!

Dr. Blacher is an experienced implant dentist in Lombard. If you want a permanent and natural solution for your missing teeth, our team is standing by to help. Contact us online or call today at (630) 916-0701 to schedule a consultation at our office now. 

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