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Is Your Sinus Problem Due To A Recent Root Canal?

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures in the world, and most of the time they go off without a hitch. While some patients will experience swelling and soreness in the surrounding gums, root canal therapy normally heals up relatively quick with only a bit of tenderness or sensitivity in the tooth following dental care.

Is It A Sinus Problem?

In very rare cases following root canal treatment, a patient may feel symptoms of sinus issues including pressure, congestion or cold-like symptoms following a root canal. When this happens, it helps to have a trusted family dentists such as Dr. Brett Blacher nearby.

As your Lombard dentist for all things family, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, the team at Brett Blacher DDS can help show you what to look out for to take the best care of your smile.

No Cause for Concern

After having a cavity filled or dental crowns put in place during root canal treatment, it’s quite common for a person to experience some sinus and root canal symptoms such as the following:

● Pressure in your nose and face
● Congestion
● Nasal allergies
● Common cold-like symptoms

Self Care For Sinuses And Teeth

There is usually no reason to be alarmed after undergoing a restorative dentistry procedure for a cavity or gum disease, and the sinus issues you might feel after a root canal can usually be resolved on their own. If you want to try to relieve your symptoms without taking a trip to the dentist, you can use nasal saline solution or a neti pot to help drain your nose and sinuses.

Sometimes, sinus problems may not be connected to changes in dental health, and could be a sign of poor health in another part of the body. It would be a good idea to come in and see a family dentist like Brett Blacher if you have an unusually sore tooth or if you are having pain in the back of your mouth after a root canal. If your sinus pain is not dental related, it may be time to schedule a checkup with your local physician.

The Lombard Dentist Is In!

At Brett Blacher DDS we have a good natured dental team on hand who can make sure you get the quality care you need no matter what the problem may be. At our offices we have friendly, knowledgeable dentists along with a dental office with a gorgeous lake view for our patients.

If you have recently had a root canal and have questions about your treatment, or are experiencing changes in your dental health, get in touch with us today by calling our office at (630) 916-0701 or visiting us in person at our location in Lombard, IL, 60148.

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